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Best Cocktail Bar Station Design

Best Cocktail Bar station

As cocktail bars continue to evolve and new gigs bring us new and exciting concepts and designs, Hospitalian never misses the opportunity to visit and always check out which of the cocktail bars impressed us the most and nominated it as the “Best Cocktail Bar Station of the Year.”

Best Cocktail Bar Station

One of the best cocktail bar stations around can be found at Bacchanalia in Mayfair, London. This elegant bar is located in a historic building dating back to the 1800s, and it’s clear that no expense was spared in creating the perfect cocktail bar experience. The bar is outfitted with gleaming brass and marble accents, and the sleek, modern bar station takes center stage.

Bacchanalia, located in the heart of Mayfair, is a cocktail bar that draws inspiration from the rich history and culture of Greece. The brainchild of Richard Caring, the establishment boasts an exquisite design that is credited to Xavier Landais, who also opened all the Sexy Fish restaurants around the world. Landais is a celebrated figure in the hospitality industry and is a part of the renowned Caprice Holdings group.

The interior of Bacchanalia is designed to transport guests to ancient Greece, with its marble floors, pillars, and other intricate details. The bar features a stunning range of over 20 cocktails, including classic and modern creations that are inspired by Greek mythology and culture.

Bacchanalia is a popular destination for cocktail enthusiasts, locals, and tourists alike. With its luxurious atmosphere, exceptional service, and extensive drink selection, it is no surprise that it has been named the best Cocktail bar design station in London.


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Best Cocktail Bar Station
Best Cocktail Bar Station
Best Cocktail Bar Station

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