Birra Moretti Sale di Mare UK

Diving into to the UK on-trade with a fresh wave of excitement, HEINEKEN UK unveils the new Birra Moretti Sale di Mare, translating to “salt from the sea.” This 4.8% ABV unfiltered, medium-bodied premium lager is made with a hint of sea salt harvested from Italy. Providing full-flavored refreshments, Sale di Mare is now available on draught and in bottles.

With demand rising for continental lagers in the UK, Sale di Mare is positioned to help operators tap into this trend and drive sales by offering an unfiltered premium lager with a hint of Italian sea salt. “Research identified an opportunity to offer curious drinkers seeking more flavourful and interesting taste profiles, an accessible premium twist1, whilst staying true to Birra Moretti’s Italian heritage*.” said Will Rice, HEINEKEN UK On-Trade Director.

Birra Moretti Sale di Mare

Continental style lagers have a strong place in the lager category with a strong 22% value growth over the past year. Brewed in the UK Birra Moretti is the leading Italian style lager brand with its newest launch Birra Moretti Sale Di Mare offering pubs the opportunity to further premiumise their offering. Birra Moretti Sale Di Mare can also help operators capitalise on the popularity of Italian style lagers and meet rising consumer demand for bolder flavours.

Rice continues: “Birra Moretti Sale di Mare brings something new and intriguing as an unfiltered lager, made with a hint of sea salt. The hint of sea salt, paired with the unfiltered lager, creates a more full-bodied and intriguing flavour profile while providing incredible refreshment. It offers operators a way to deliver a premium drinking experience that we’re confident will attract discerning drinkers and drive value.”

The launch will be supported by a multi-million-pound nationwide marketing campaign. To create a standout on the bar, Birra Moretti Sale di Mare will have eye-catching glassware and point of sale. As continental lagers present a trade-up opportunity driving value for operators, HEINEKEN UK encourages outlets to stock Birra Moretti Sale di Mare as part of a diverse and successful beer range. Additionally, Birra Moretti will be the official Beer Sponsor during SicilyFEST 2024, in London.

Birra Moretti Sale di Mare Sicily FEST

In addition, HEINEKEN UK is offering one lucky operator the chance to win an Italian food and drink pairing for its customers at their pub. The intimate event will bring a taste of Italy to the UK, exploring the flavour profile of Birra Moretti Sale di Mare and how it can be paired with food to enhance culinary flavours. The prize promotion will run from the 14th February 2024 and until 23:59 on 13th of March 2024.

To enquire about installing Birra Moretti Sale di Mare 20L Brewlocks, 30L kegs or stocking 330ml bottles and to enter the competition: https://forms.office.com/e/8yaStwfBsX.

For additional information please contact the HEINEKEN® press office at heineken@cirkle.com or 01494 731750

Headquartered in Edinburgh, HEINEKEN is the UK’s leading pub, cider and beer company behind iconic drinks and a full range of specialty brands, including Heineken®, Heineken® Silver, Heineken® 0.0 and Birra Moretti which cater well for sports fans. We are committed to supporting a thriving on-trade, underpinned by an ethos of ‘Helping Grow Your Business.’
In owning 2,400 pubs, we know what works – we test out products and advice before sharing this knowledge with our customers – and our expert team of over 2,000 people offer dedicated support. We strive to understand you and your customers, make things easier and profitable, and deliver an unbeatable quality experience to boost your business and ensure every guest is satisfied every visit.
In line with our sustainability strategy, Brew a Better World, we’re committed to reducing our environmental impact alongside helping our customers be more eco-friendly. We are proud to support thousands of operators using our industry-leading draught solutions, SmartDispense™, who collectively save 60M pints of water, beer, cider and cleaning materials and 273 tonnes of CO2 every year. We have also removed 400M teaspoons of sugar from our ciders, while 100% of the barley for our beers is sustainably sourced within the UK.

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