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Cocchi appoints the new Advocacy Manager

Cocchi appoints the new Advocacy Manager

Sonia Elia, Italian by culture with Sicilian blood who lives in London, has been appointed as the new Advocacy Manager to promote the Cocchi brand and its legendary range of flavored wines, such as the Storico Vermouth di Torino, the Aperitivo Americano, and the more recent Vermouth di Torino Extra Dry Ricetta Piemontese, both nationally and internationally.

Even in family-run businesses such as Giulio Cocchi, it is increasingly necessary to provide assistance with product usage, menu formulation, and new cocktails, as well as training for sellers and the trade, especially when distribution reaches five continents and products become popular in the world’s best cocktail bars. Cocchi’s labels have been at the top of international rankings for years with iconic products aimed at mixology and the world of bartenders.

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Born in 1990, Sonia took her first steps in hospitality in 2010 in a Covent Garden restaurant, continuing her career behind the bar in well-known London restaurants and bars such as Sartoria, Sheraton Park Lane, and Hilton Park Lane, where she held important positions such as Bar Manager. After a brief break in the Balearics, where she was in charge of one of Ibiza’s best fine dining restaurants in 2017, Sonia returned to London in 2018 to collaborate with Global Brands as the UK Ambassador for the premium soda line Franklin & Sons. Sonia became a Global Ambassador, managing the brand’s growth in international markets and, in particular, advocacy and relationships with the on-trade sector.

It was Sonia’s passion, energy, and creativity that convinced the Bava family to believe in her, so much so that they entrusted her with the development of training, events, and relationships in a significant channels such as the on-trade in key markets, starting with the English and Italian markets. She will be frequently seen at national and international industry events.

“I am truly happy for this incredible opportunity: with Cocchi, I have made the best cocktails of my career, and now I join the winery’s dream team,” says Sonia.

Giorgio Bava, Cocchi’s export area manager, adds: “For years now, we have believed in and invested in our relationship with the on-trade sector, a sector that, in turn, has believed in Cocchi and accompanied us in our growth. Sonia brings energy and creativity to an already very dynamic team. We can’t wait to raise a glass together in bars all over the world.”

Sonia was first with the Cocchi team at Vinitaly in Verona and will be presenting some signature cocktails developed ad-hoc to bartenders, sommeliers, and enthusiasts in Milan at Mixology Experience from May 7 to May 9, followed by the Roma Bar Show from May 29 to May 30.

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