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Trade Advocacy

Impactful Seminars, Strategies bar partnerships, and public engagement. Our dedicated team tirelessly works to create on-trade opportunities that boost brand recognition, ensure fair market practices, and drive sales growth in the drinks industry.

Brand Ambassador & Influencer

The Ambassador and Influencer role, is a key element that will help amplify a brand's reach and credibility. With our connection and industry research, Hospitalian will identify the right ambassadors influencer for the brand and develop a strategy for engaging and advocate with the on-trade. 

Brand Ambassador & Influencer

Seminar & Education

We effectively create and present engaging seminars at international bar shows and on-trade events for your brand. We provide hands-on training in crafting compelling narratives, mastering presentation techniques, and enhancing audience interaction in order to confidently represent Brands, communicate their stories, and drive meaningful engagement within the hospitality industry.

Brand Advocacy London

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On Trade Engagement

We specialize in forging strategic partnerships with bars and restaurants, organizing exclusive tasting events, and implementing targeted promotional campaigns. Our focus is on enhancing brand visibility, driving sales, and fostering lasting relationships within the vibrant on-trade sector.

Prosecco DOC Cocktails Event with Alessandro Geraci & Gaspare Di Carlo (23)

Guest Bartending

We leverage our strong international relationships with 50 Best Bars and top bartenders worldwide. We collaborate with renowned mixologists to create exclusive cocktail experiences that showcase your brand in prestigious venues, GLOBALLY. From crafting bespoke design menus to engaging with discerning patrons to establish memorable connections within the elite hospitality community.

Donovan Bar and 1930 Milan Guest Shift London

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