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Why you should hire a flair bartender for your party

Bartending is a skill in itself. To be able to remember so many drinks by heart and make them perfectly under the pressure of entertaining and making sure the drinks are the best they can be is a difficult trick to master. Whenever you hire a bartender for a party, you know that you should be getting high-quality drinks from good, presentable bartenders who work with a big smile on their faces (but behind the mask now…). However, wouldn’t it be so much more impressive to see these bartenders really going for it; really showing off to your guests and showing you how much they can really do whilst still making incredible drinks. That’s why you should hire a bartender who can also be able to entertain your guest doing flair for your next party.

We are glad to introduce you our new partner in crime for Hospitalian, one company in particular that has recently emerged in the bartending service is Spin and Shake which prides itself on its ability to flair. Between the staff who work for Spin and Shake, they have years of experience in the bartending industry especially within the flair area. Their Co-Founder Bryan Levato is ranked as one of the best flair bartenders in the world, so you know with him leading the team, they are going to be better than anything you have seen.

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Most people would associate flair with performances or competitions, but when combined with the intricate work of mixology and creating some delicious cocktails, it can be a real art to watch and be on the receiving end of. With us, you will be able to join in on the flair and attempt some of your own tricks and have a go at combining those tricks to make your very own cocktails. That doesn’t sound like such a bad night to me. So why not think about adding some of your own ‘flair’ to your next party!

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